Superstitions from around the World.

20, March 2018

I do not believe in superstitions but I stick to them just in case!

Superstitions are beliefs that are not based on any scientific or logical reasoning. They are also described as “irrational” beliefs based on supernatural influences.

I think I am very good at “irrational” and supernatural can be a lot of fun.

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A "heads up" for art lovers!

7, March 2018

Once again London is being treated to an exhibition of great art. Focusing on the year 1932, the Tate Modern Art Museum is exhibiting works by Pablo Picasso from that turbulent year.

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I am certainly a new and better person now

26, February 2018

We have interviewed our lovely student Raul from Brazil. He is a very special person and he has shared some moments of his time in London and Edgware Academy.

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Chinese New Year in London 2018!

12, February 2018

London has a vibrant Chinese community. Celebrating Chinese New Year is a great tradition in central London, and it's a testimony to London's rich cultural mix. This celebration is a feast for the eyes and for your palette and a great way to spend a day with friends and family in London.

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London On Foot!

9, January 2018

If you have little time in London and you want to make the best of it, here is a stroll plan for starters. You can make your stroll as long and leisurely you wish or as short as you need.

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