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Christmas Events in London

7, November 2016

Enjoy wide range of Christmas Events in London this winter. Discover the most festive things to do at Christmas in London.

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11, July 2016

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Recommend a Friend and be rewarded

15, April 2016

Recommend a Friend and be rewarded

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Idiomas of Happiness

18, March 2016

Idioms which expresses the extreme happiness…
There are many informal idioms which mean extremely happy but here are the most useful ones:

-I’m over the moon.

-I’m in seventh heaven

-I am / feel on top of the world.

-I am thrilled to bits.

-I am on cloud nine.

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10 things you didn't know about the London Eye

14, March 2016

London may have the stunning Houses of Parliament as well as the illuminating Piccadilly Circus, but the London Eye remains to be one of London’s most visited tourist attractions.

Here are ten fascinating facts about the London Eye that you may or may not have known:

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