Halls of Residence

Living in a hall of residence is perfect if you who want to live near the city centre and prefer a more independent lifestyle. Our halls are in zones 1, 2 and 3 of Central London, offering you independence and an ideal location.




Homestay is where a homeowner provides a room in the home they live to students for the duration of the student's course.
Home stays are by far, the most popular choice amongst overseas students visiting London. Students choose this form of accommodation for the sake of home comforts, a family atmosphere, and a chance to practice their English and generally learn about British way of life.


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House Share

Houses can accommodate from 4-7 students with shared facilities which include a common dining room, lounge with TV, bathroom, kitchen and even a patio with garden in most cases. There are mostly 1 to 2 bathrooms per house. Many rooms have their own TVs.