Homestay is where a homeowner provides a room in the home they live to students for the duration of the student's course.

Gain the opportunity to live in a friendly home. This provides the ideal opportunity to practice your English skills outside the classroom and learn more about English life and culture.

Our Home Stays are managed by agencies that are registered with the British Council or ourselves. The agencies that we use have the high standards that are required by the British Council giving you a safe environment while you are away from home.

Self-Catering - SC

Take advantage of a high level of freedom and an independent lifestyle within a friendly family home. You will be given your own storage space in the kitchen and will be free to prepare your own meals.

Bed & Breakfast - BB

Maintain your independence while making the most of your opportunities to practice your conversational English. Light use of the host family's kitchen is allowed and a continental breakfast will be provided.

Half Board - HB

With a continental breakfast and evening meal provided by your host family, half-board is a highly convenient option. It allows you to maintain your independence while also having more time to practice your conversational English.

Please note that availability is subjected to demand. We may not be able to keep your booking on before we receive the full accommodation payment.

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  1. Standard Accommodation

    These families are situated in a suburban location mostly in Zone 4 of the London underground Network and most homes are larger with gardens and offer good transport links to the city centre.


  2. Superior Accommodation

    These family locations are of a higher calibre and situated in Zone 2, 3, 4 of the London underground network. The locations are closer to the centre of the city than the Standard range but offer the same accommodation package as the above.


  3. Executive Accommodation

    These families offer the same range of services and are all in Zone 2 in London with a short journey time to the chosen college or University. In a city such as London, traveling to work or school is generally undertaken by tube or bus and 30-45 minutes is very normal.