Canal Cavalcade

Canalway Cavalcade

30, April 2018

London Canalway Cavalcade is a family friendly boat festival in Little Venice.. With a pageant of boats, trade shows, stalls, music and fun ... admission is free and it is on during the May bank holiday weekend!

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Monet Exhibit

Art Fans Take Note!

5, April 2018

This is a great year in London for lovers of art work. The National Gallery is exhibiting works by Monet,

The exhibit is titled "Monet & Architecture". It's a must see for visitors to London - a rare opportunity to see a renowned artist.

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Julia 4

Julia and her experience studying English in London

27, March 2018

I studied at Edgware Academy for 6 months and had a great opportunity to gain different learning experience with several teachers. All of them were highly professional, knowledgeable and supportive. I`m thrilled with my results as I filled in a plenty of grammar and vocabulary gaps and got closer to fluency.

Don`t miss Speaking classes!

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Superstitions from around the World.

20, March 2018

I do not believe in superstitions but I stick to them just in case!

Superstitions are beliefs that are not based on any scientific or logical reasoning. They are also described as “irrational” beliefs based on supernatural influences.

I think I am very good at “irrational” and supernatural can be a lot of fun.

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A "heads up" for art lovers!

7, March 2018

Once again London is being treated to an exhibition of great art. Focusing on the year 1932, the Tate Modern Art Museum is exhibiting works by Pablo Picasso from that turbulent year.

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