Learn English Read Books

Read books and enjoy Learning English!

4, June 2019

Hello! My name is Eva I’m studying English and I started reading books to improve my English! :) Here I would like to tell you about one of my favourite books.

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Learn English In London

Videogames: A Different Way to Learn English.

24, May 2019

​Written by Juan Francisco Contreras Lopez - Edgware Academy student​

Normally when someone wants to learn English in a different way people recommend watching films or tv shows, reading books or listening to music, but, is it the best way to learn English and enjoy the process?

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Alexandra Learn English

Researching on sustainable and organic brands, meeting famous people - Alexandra tells us about her first experience in London

17, April 2019

Alexandra came to London to do English and Internship program​ at Edgware Academy and here she is sharing her first experience with us.

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London Sky Garden

16, April 2019

Combine your love for garden lanscapes to breathtaking city skyline views! Visit the London Sky Garden!

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Spring In London

Spring has arrived!

27, March 2019

Spring has arrived! They days are getting longer and brighter. The clocks are going forward to British Summer Time! And there are plenty of events in London that you can take advantage of.

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