1. General English in London

    General English Course

    General English courses in central London. Learn full-time or part-time, English classes to build & develop practical English language skills. Study & speak English quickly


  2. icon-conversation-classes

    General English + Skills

    Expand your vocabulary and become a more fluent and confident English speaker through enjoyable discussions and lively debates. Conversing in English is the quickest, most engaging way to become a 'natural English speaker'.


  3. General English in London

    Intensive English Course

    Ideal course for students who want to make the most of their stay with us, and who are seeking the fastest way to improve their English. You can also personalise your language learning by choosing from classes focusing on English conversation skills, IELTS Preparation or Business English.


  4. icon-one-to-one-english

    One-to-one Lessons

    These classes are a unique opportunity to focus 100% on your needs. We can find and develop any areas you need to strengthen. We can also work with you to meet any individual goals you want to achieve.


  5. icon-group-courses

    All-year Round English Group Courses

    At Edgware Academy we are happy to welcome groups of students to our school, to join our regular courses or for specially-tailored programmes.

    Group programmes include tuition, accommodation and airport transfers. You can tailor your group package to your exact requirements by adding half day or full day excursions or evening activities.


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    Junior Vacation English Language Courses

    Edgware Academy course offers a language programme combined with a variety of structured leisure and cultural activities.


  7. Care For Under 18S

    Care of under 18s

    Our courses are primarily aimed at adults aged over 18 but we do welcome students aged 16 and 17. Edgware Academy has a responsibility to provide a safe & healthy learning environment for all our students and staff but especially for students under the age of 18 and vulnerable adults.


  8. Pp Scholarship

    Scholarship Program 2019

    Why Learn English with Edgware Academy? To travel to the other side of the world! To sing your favourite English song well! To watch TV Shows in their original language! To be more successful at work! And so much more…

    The purpose of EA Scholarship is to recognize and reward outstanding students.

    We invite applicants to apply for our Scholarship program to study English Language in London!