Explore London 2

Explore London program

One week

General English classes, 3 hours per day (Monday to Friday)

3 Cultural experiences from the top experts of London (you can pick from the list below)

Price: 290 GBP

Two weeks

General English classes, 3 hours per day (Monday to Friday)

5 Cultural experiences from the top experts of London (you can pick from the list below)

Price: 510 GBP

List of experiences:

*dates are subject to availability

1) See London, Learn English!

See London in simple English! A guided walk (about 2 hours) of Central London for anyone learning English as a foreign language. We will visit the most important sights of Central London - Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and some other great places along the way. As we walk I will tell you about London's history and attractions in easy to understand English. Lots of time between stops to chat and practise English too. Any questions about London or English? Just let me know and I'll try my best to answer.

2) Taste of India in London

It’s a tour where we will taste foods, indulge senses, uncover history and experience culture. You will get to experience how Indians live, think and feel.

3) Learn to Screen Print in Hackney

Capture your memories of London and create a souvenir print onto a tote bag or tea towel. Learn the basics of screen printing with paper stencils in a converted Victorian chocolate factory studio in Hackney. Price includes a choice of tote bag or tea towel for each participant.

4) Wealth and Power in the City

Join a two-hour journey to discover London’s history through stories of money, trade, and power. Going through a journey of 2000 years, we explore answers to the question: what money can and can’t do.

5) Tate to Tate by Bike

We will visit Tate Britain and Tate Modern, with a 20 minute journey by bike. You will learn about the fantastic Tate collection and understand why London is so important in the global art scene

6) Explore Chinatown Inside Out

Join a two-hour adventure to explore Chinatown and experience its culture through senses and stories. The activities are in three parts: Culture, Immigration, and Integration.

7) Explore Backstreets with a Historian

This tour provides a general introduction to the history of London. Only by understanding London history can you understand British culture today. This interactive walk will take you from medieval London through time to 21st century London with stops along the way in to the 17th and 19th century!

8) Why Do We Travel?

This walk looks at the history of travel from Roman London two thousand years ago to 21st century London with a special focus on religious travel and the creation of a mass market tourist industry in the 19th century. It is an interactive walk which will help you understand why people travel and how travel changes both the traveller and the host.

9) Spark your Creativity in Soho

Join a two-hour journey to experience Soho’s creative vibe and spark your own creativity. There are three parts of the experience (1) Creative Soho (2) Creative DNA (3) Creative Community. In two hours, we engage our senses, pick up a few techniques and solve a community challenge.