General English in London

Our aim is to get students involved through class interaction with fun task-based learning activities.

1) Speaking and listening is done in all lessons to help students who are living in London

2) Conversation is based on New language which is taught by teachers in every lesson.

3) Students will speak to other students and directly with their teacher, who will help them with their pronunciation and fluency.

4) Edgware Academy provides a Syllabus Menu for each level, so that students can choose every Monday from a list of items which is right for their needs and our experienced teachers respond to these requests during the week.

5) We encourage our students to be independent learners promoting learning outside the classroom.

6) We sell workbooks so that students can do lots of practice in the classroom and for homework.

7) Students have invested heavily in their visit to the UK, so teachers make every effort to integrate lessons with life outside the classroom so that students benefit linguistically from their stay in the UK.

8) There will be small tests every week to monitor the progress of students.


Teachers give students some homework each day to promote learning outside the classroom.

All students receive a certificate at the end of the course.

What our students say about our teachers?

2017 statistics

Edgware Academy students said that:

98% - "I learn new and interesting subjects and I am not bored."

100% - "The teacher gives weekly tests and I find out about the progress I am making."

98% - "I can get individual advice from my teacher and managers when I need it."

94% - "My teacher helps me with useful information about living in London."

100% - "The Academy 's people very friendly and helpful."

99% - "I get good lessons for the money I spend."