Khwanchanok - Thailand

My name is Khwanchanok Sangsawang. I'm a student of Upper- Intermediate class I would like to recommend this school to everyone because every teachers and officers they're full of quality and they've good qualification since the first day I've been studying here, I've improved a lot in English. Teachers always planned and prepared themselves before teaching. The location is the good one because it's located in central London, It's easy to go or walk from Leicester square and Holborn. And the price of English course is suitable (not so expensive like other school in London). In the class there are plenty of international student so, I can exchange my culture to others such as my friends brough me one of their traditional food and etc. In overall this is one of the best English school in London I've ever known and if I have a chance I would recommend this school to my friend for sure. Thank you for giving me one of the best experien in my life.

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I like is Edgware Academy. Teachers are nice and you can meet new friends from all over the world.



I think the Edgware Academy is a very good language school. Learning here makes fun, because the teachers are friendly and also funny. And it's cool to meet new people with different cultures. It's a great experiece for my life.



I come here every 6 month. Here is like my home. And my family from whole around the world. The best side of study in here is you aren't only learning but also having fun. I'll always come here even if i have perfect english cause I love the atmosphere!! :D



The school is very nice the teachers are very kind, their levels are high. Social programs is amazing, the reception is really organized and the barmaid is really fun and kind. I really enjoy in this school!



I'm really enjoying this period in Edgware Academy because it's an international place where you can learn English and get to know different culture. Lessons are very well planned and enjoyable.



I like staying in this school. The lessons are very interesting and I'm learning a lot of new things. The teacher is nice and she knows how to make the lessons very intresting.



At the Edgware Academy you can enjoy lessons and social program. Teachers aim to make lessons always interesting for their international classrooms.



I enjoy staying in this school, because the lessons are interesting, the social activities are entertaining and also I met a lot of new people from all around the world. Teachers are all good and polite.


Tiziano - Italy

In my opinion this is a very good school and I'm interested in the lessons and in the activity too. This is an international school where can I meet many different students from different countries.

Tiziano De Leonardis


Francesca - Italy

I like going to this school, because I meet people from every part of the world and so I can know new culture and improve my English speaking to them. My teacher is nice and the lessons are very good.

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Chiara - Italy

In my opinion, this experience is amazing!!

I am learning a lot of new things, teachers are kind and I have the possibility to meet people from all the world!! The social program is great and tutors are nice!!

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Martina - Italy

London Edgware Academy is a very good school. It's a perfect opportunity to improve English and meet other people from all over the world.


Carolina - Italy

It's been awesome going to the Edgware Academy, even if just for two weeks! Lessons are funny and teachers very well-prepared. But the most amazing thing has been meeting a lot of you new people coming from all around the world.

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Irina - Russia

What I liked about the experience in EA:

1) Central location i.e. the schools is located in Covent Garden, 5 mins walking distance from main London landmarks.

2) Prices are amazingly low for a central location and good quality of teaching.

3) All tutors are native speakers.

4) Good administration team – you feel like at home.

5) Many events and activities for students outside of the school hours.

6) Good diversity of nationalities in one class.

7) Students can choose the topic to study from the “menu”.

I can recommend this school for those who would like to:

-Study English in the heart of London with native speaking professional tutors.

-Get great value for little money.

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Gabriel Guidarelli - Italy

Meeting people from all over the world during these helpful studies at Edgware Academy has been a fantastic experience, surely one of the best in my life.

The lessons are so much fun so my English improves a lot. The school helped me improve my ability to communicate effectively to students from other nationalities and even English people.  


Dafne - Italy

I started to study in the Edgware Academy in October and in a few months I went from an elementary level to an intermediate level, thanks to the skill of the teachers who follow you step by step in your growth. Here at the academy Edgware I found not only professionalism and reliability, but also lots of love, it’s like belonging to a big family! Edgware academy not only offers language courses in more effective and efficient but offers every week many social activities that allow you to visit the city and not only! is a school that I recommend to anyone who wants to improve in a short time and at a reasonable price.


Elena - Russia

To be fluent in English is my dream. I tried to learn English in Russia, but I did not get a desired result. Only in Edgware Academy I began to understand that what I could not understand in Russian schools. Edgware Academy opened all the ways to the world to me...


Veronika - Russia

My experience at Edgware Academy was much more than I expected. As soon as I arrived, on my first day at School of English Residence, I found a very warm welcome and great hospitality. During my stay there I was given a lot of attention. Whenever I had questions or I needed support I got answers and help immediately. I felt myself like at home. This is very important if you are alone abroad. I can say that Edgware Academy’s staff is a really strong team of professionals and I wish the school a lot of success in teaching English to people from all over the world. London is the perfect place to learn English and enjoy your holiday at the same time and Edgware Academy is the right place to be!


Paula - Spain

I will highly recommend Edgware Academy to anyone willing to learn English in the best environment. Everyone was really friendly, the teachers and the staff where always really helpful every time I needed them. The best thing for me was having the opportunity to make friends from all over the world.


Nikoloz - Georgia

I had a pleasure studying at Edgware Academy Covent Garden branch. Great experience with the best teachers and friendly environment indeed. The staff at the college are extremely helpful who genuinely care about students’ needs, and any issues you might have you can be sure that your problem will be taken care of immediately. Location wise it is absolutely fantastic and in addition to studies they also offer amazing tours and trips in London and across the EU. I highly recommend the academy to anyone seeking high quality education and better student life.


Giacomo - Italy

Hi, I am Giacomo and I came from Italy. I am a student of Edgware Academy and I am attending an Upper- Intermediate class. I am really happy with my choice and satisfied with Academy. There is always a welcoming and friendly atmosphere here. I am feeling very happy with my teacher Sara and with my classmates. Moreover, I’ve had the opportunity to meet lots of people from all over the world, improving my English and making new good friends. For sure I will recommend Edgware Academy to everybody if I will have the chance. A really good way to learn English and enjoy London.


Kathleen - France

When I came from Paris, some friends recommended me Edgware Academy for the quality of lessons and the professionalism of the teachers. Indeed, since I started studying, thanks to the investment and availability of teachers, I improved my English very quickly. Moreover, a lot of activities out of classes are organised to help students to discover new places in London and to enhance your social life.

That is why Edgware Academy was a good choice.


Pathchiya - Thailand

I really enjoy studying at Edgware Academy not only to improve my English but I also have great experience and friendship which I would never find anywhere.


Adrian - Spain

One experience that I will always remember of London will be studying at Edgware Academy because I’ve met really nice people and very good teachers. Furthermore, it’s helping me so much to improve my English and to get more confident in myself.


Mutsumi - Japan

I was very happy to study at Edgware Academy. Teachers were very friendly and the way they taught me was very easy to understand. I love Edgware Academy and also I‘d like to come back here again.